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Harper17, residential development, West Hollywood, los angeles architecture, bronze perforated aluminum

Harper Condominiums

Brought on to fully utilize an entitlement that allowed for 17 units to be built along a quiet residential street in West Hollywood, 1264 Harper Avenue is a four-story multi-family residence planned a block south of Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood.

We began work on the project in 2016, being brought on to re-design the structure after the previous designs did not capitalize on the full available entitlement. The parcel’s entitlement allows for up to 17 private individually owned residences to be built, yet previous designs were only able to implement 14 into their plan. After some creative planning with respect to the parking layout, we were able to successfully increase the count to 17, while still adhering to the city’s stringent planning requirements.

Despite the increase in density, all but three of the residencies will be corner apartments. Half of the structure has been set back 30 feet to create a raised “front yard” for the residents, while a second courtyard sits inside the center of the structure. This unique configuration allowed for more stand-alone spaces, not flanked by other apartments on either side. Additionally, all top floor residences will have private rooftop terraces, while all others will have access to individual decks and patios, creating an abundant outdoor interaction rare for this type of construction and further contributing to each unit’s singular feel.

First-floor apartments have also been enhanced: isolated and with dedicated above-ground parking, these typically less desirable spaces eschew the traditional multi-complex format, resulting in a feel more akin to a single-family home. Additional parking for upper-story residents will be distributed across a single subterranean level.

The Harper Condominiums went into construction in 2021, and are expected to complete mid-2022.